Scouting For Girls | Deva Fest | 14.08.22

Scouting for Girls at Deva Fest

Deva Fest is very new to the festival scene, however you would never believe it.

The set up of the whole weekend was fantastic, planned perfectly in a beautiful setting. The food and drink vendors, mixed with the entertainment was just enough to keep anyone entertained under the sun.

But the main event of the festival was Scouting for Girls on their huge comeback.

And were they worth it? 100%

From the moment the indie icons stepped on stage the audience was hooked. They brought a full engine of energy, that filled the tent with excitement and joy.

They played tune after tune, reminding everyone listening that they are an underrated act. Even after years since the release of most songs, they seemed just as fresh today.

Playing classics such Elvis Ain’t Dead, This Ain’t A Love Song, Heartbeat and everyone’s favourite, She’s So Lovely, Scouting for girls truly solidified their place as indie icons.

This headline slot just proved that this band is worthy of everything they have earned and more. I imagine they will be taking to much bigger stages next year.

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