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It’s not a secret that I’m no fan of The 1975, so being sent to their Liverpool gig on a massive comedown from The Strokes was not what I needed on a Wednesday night.

However, despite all odds stacked against them, I actually quite liked it.

It’s hard to deny that The 1975 have a backlog of great tunes, a lot more than I realised to be honest, and they had put together a long-winded, but entertaining set-list for their first Liverpool gig in years.

Starting strong with People, it was clear that the fans were going to carry the night with their unshakeable passion for the boys on stage.

At one point Matty Healy had to get the crowd to take a few steps back and ‘chill out.’

It’s unsurprising at this point that the new album is being delayed yet again, with Matty telling the crowd it is going to be a few weeks late as he keeps changing songs.


Despite this, every unreleased song they played was sang back at them by the crowd, a particular highlight being the next single to be released If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

Although I was pretty impressed with the set, it’s still hard to find them majorly likeable. There’s a slightly patronising tone considering the main demographic of the fans- and to be honest we’ll never get over them winning British Group at the Brits over Arctic Monkeys or the fact that Matty reckons they’re the band of this decade.

Would appreciate it if everyone could take Healy’s advice and chill out though, curb that enthusiasm just a little bit.

The lighting and stage set up was very impressive and really set the tone for the gig. A little look into the absolute madness that is The 1975.

In summary:

Are they the band of this decade? No

Are they the biggest band right now? No

Are they still decent? Yes x

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