Tame Impala | The Slow Rush | Review

Tame Impala has come a long way from his humble beginnings.

34 year old Kevin Parker started in 2010, recording music in his Australian home. Now he’s an indie rockstar in his own right.

His albums have almost taken us on a journey, from youthful rebellious beginnings to the more focused, polished Tame we recognise today. However, the draw in has always been the sheer honesty and passion that pushes through the speakers.

He is a remarkable talent in every way. 

Kevin has always put his heart on his sleeve in his music, his personal battles being at the forefront of this album in particular. It is a testament to Kevin that he possesses the talent and rawness to be able to turn even the hardest subjects to talk about it music that brings joy to hundreds and thousands of people all over the world. 

The Slow Rush is a tantalising look at the passing of time and the events that come with it. Be it the marriage between him and his girlfriend or taking a look back at the troubled relationship he shared with his late father. 

There are some notions of Kevin feeling less relevant given the time between this release and Currents and it’s not necessarily as introspective as past releases, but definitely much more personal.

A little piece of Kevin was handed to us with each song on this album and it’s refreshing to hear and bold of him to trust us. 

Perfection is an ideal Tame Impala strive for, and it often calls for a lot of loneliness and the occasional pushed back release date. But the outcome makes it all worth it, as the fourth album hits as beautifully as the first three. 

Kevin has gone from recording psychedelic tunes in his house, to pioneering a generation of indie-house fans who just want to get off their face and forget the world.

The Slow Rush can be streamed now and we’re sure a tour will be announced soon- don’t hold us to that though.

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