Kawala | Liverpool Arts Club | 9.10.21

Kawala in Liverpool

From the moment they took to the stage, Kawala was a ball of sunshine to warm up a dreary December.

Performing in one of Liverpool’s more intimate venues, the Arts Club, the anticipation from the crowd as the waited for the North London band could be felt in the air.

Kawala in Liverpool

From the second they stepped on the stage, the energy was unreal. They came out giving everything they had and more.

The crowd reacted perfectly as the songs switched from melancholy to joyous and they jumped and danced throughout the whole set.

Kawala are not only fantastic musicians, they are charismatic performers, who took a lot of time to speak to the audience, making jokes about the current state of the world.

Kawala in Liverpool

Seeing this band in such an intimate venue was an honour and they are certain to move on forward to bigger and brighter things.

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