Blossoms | AO Arena | 18.09.21

Blossoms at AO Arena

18 months after closing its doors, the Manchester Arena- now the AO Arena- welcomed back crowds to see Stockport favourite Blossoms take on their first ever arena headline.

The huge career milestone came after a successful summer of gigs all around the country and the historic moment they headlined Sefton Park in the Covid trials.

Blossoms at AO Arena

Blossoms have always been a special band, from 2013 when they first burst onto the scene, right up until now, with arguably the most successful record yet.

Foolish Loving Spaces came out in 2020, just before the national lockdown stopped them from taking the tunes out for a full tour.

And the wait was worth it.

Blossoms at AO Arena

Lead singer Tom Ogden has blossomed, if you’ll pardon the irony, as an entertainer over the years. He has gone from slightly awkward and uncomfortable to a man who can command a stage with a jagged charm.

He’s happy to dance about the stage and change from guitar to piano all while keeping his vocals smooth.

The band, who have been best friends for years, are a finely tuned machine who are all genuinely enjoying their time up on stage, playing songs they clearly love.

My only complaint would be there was nothing special to mark hitting this milestone for them. In earlier London gigs they welcomed Rick Astley on stage to perform- something that might have been a better trick for their first arena headline.

However, all in all, Blossoms are only going to continue to grow and it is very deserved.

I would recommend anyone given the opportunity should go and see Blossoms as soon as they are back on tour.

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