PSA: Don’t let Eminem rob Courteeners of the top spot

Courteeners. Photo Credit: Lindsey Holt

Can I have your attention please? Wait a minute…

If you haven’t already heard the last few days, the battle is on for the top spot in the charts this week.

In the left corner we have Manchester’s own Courteeners with their sixth studio album More.Again.Forever. The Middleton lads are set to achieve their biggest first week of sales ever and hopefully get the top spot.

In the right corner a washed up 47 year old rapper who feels the need to use a national tragedy to stay relevant.

Eminem‘s new single Unaccommodating slurs “I’m contemplating yelling ‘bombs away’ on the game/ Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting” followed by the sound of an explosion.

Let’s be honest, Eminem hasn’t had a decent album out since Recovery in 2010 and even that was questionable. But this level of desperation is a new low even for him.

Manchester is frontman Liam Frays hometown and the bombing is something close to his heart.

Just a few days after the tragedy he played Old Trafford Cricket Ground to 50,000 people. He read a poem for the affected and performed an emotional cover of Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger.

Liam has spoken out about the tasteless lyrics saying to the BBC: “You’d have to be stone-hearted to not think of the consequences of those words really. because they’re outrageous.

“What is going on in someone’s mind to think that those kind of things are OK?

“Look, shock has a place in art and it always has done but there’s a line and I just think that line was crossed.

“That’s just my opinion and other people might think otherwise but when it’s close to home and when you’ve seen the city pick itself up piece by piece, day by day, then it gets you man.”

He also tweeted ‘Eminem can get to fuck’, which he explained was originally only in reference to the chart battle- but we couldn’t agree more.

So lets get streaming, buying and downloading More.AgainForever. and don’t let that prick win.

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