My Chemical Romance Set to Play All Points East?

So if you’re an MCR fan you’re probably aware of them teasing UK fans on social media on Friday.

However we think we may have cracked what they are teasing. And boy will it be good if it’s true

Let’s think back to last year when The Strokes announced a return show in LA and a series of festival dates around the world.

What happened next?

They were the headliners for the Saturday of the UK’s All Points East Festival.

So what relevance does this bare to MCR?

The infamous emo heartbreakers have recently performed a reunion show in LA and have also announced festival dates around the world.

And the acts for the Saturday of the second weekend haven’t yet been announced….

Could the Black Parade be heading to Victoria Park this May?? Only time will tell.


My Chemical Romance are continuing to tease UK fans with this cryptic video posted on social media.

Fans are speculating that the symbols are from the Theban alphabet and spell out June 10th, leading people to believe that’s when they will be returning.

What do you think?

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